About Us

Inspired by our great passion for delicious Venezuelan chocolate and desire to offer this exquisite ingredient in our desserts, Verovero Chocolate was born. At Verovero Chocolate, we apply artisanal techniques and fillings to craft our bonbons, our starlet product.

By tempering our chocolate, we created multiple desserts like Cake pops, a fun and attractive selection for your palate, which along with their colorful designs are an ideal alternative to present to your guests.

We also offer a wide variety of mini desserts and sweet Shots, perfect in size and visually attractive, indulging your sweet tooth with an explosion of taste.

Beyond these delicacies, in the world of pastry, we also include the famous and delicate Macarons; their eye-catching color, subtle taste, and exquisite filling makes this French dessert one of our best sellers.

Our Products